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March 11

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March 11

Fill out the form below and pay $700 to book a booth and complete your reservation.

Reservation cost includes 1 Booth, 1 Bottle, and 1 Tray of Shots.

Additional Premium Bottes $350 - $425 ~ Platinum Bottles $450 + : Or Purchase a Party Package

If there is an event on the night of your reservation, those tickets must be purchased separately.

Suggested party size for 1 booth is 8-10 people. Call ahead or add the "MVP" package for parties larger than 12.

You may invite guests to your table after your party has arrived, up to 1 guest for every 3 people in your party. The total number of people in your section should not exceed 12.  

Once your reservation has been made, we will reach out to you by phone to confirm the details.

*Add a Party Package to Get The Most Out of Your Bottle Service*

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Add a Party Package

Make the most out of Bottle Service by purchasing a package with your reservation.

Cake Day

3 Bottles of House Champagne

1 Premium Bottle + Mixers

Confetti Poppers



The 1942

1 Bottle of 1942 + Mixers

3 Bottles House Champagne



The Ace of Spades

2 Bottles of Ace of Spades

Confetti Poppers



The Baller

2 Premium Bottles + Mixers

Money Gun

3 Bottles House Champagne




+1 Extra Booth (16-24 Guests)

6 Bottles of House Champagne

1 Premium Bottle

1 Platinum Bottle

Mixers + Confetti Poppers + Money Gun